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DIXI Polytool S.A. is specialised in the production of tungsten carbide and diamond cutting tools as well as precision reamers. Experts in micro tooling, they are able to produce the highest quality miniature products, and in many cases, custom to your exact specifications. BJA are the leading agency in the UK so our customers are assured they’re getting the best service and prices.

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Kyocera offers cutting tools which feature optimum chip control, long tool life and stable machining. Their range includes HPMT solid carbide cutting tools, Hartner thro-coolant drills, Yamawa taps and their own product line of unbeatable quality milling and turning tools. We work closely with Kyocera representatives to ensure our customers only receive the highest service


 TaeguTec has grown to become the most innovative industrial cutting tool manufacturer, but also an important provider of tungsten powders, solid carbide rolls and specialized industrial products to the world at large. Their range of turning inserts are tried and proven to be industry leading and we at BJA are proud to include them in our products.


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